Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Yuri on Ice

January 10th, 2017

This took me a whole day to rate... the anime was AMAZING, with great music, art, intro and ending themes.

Now my only gripe with the show are the last 2 episodes. What development happened between Yuri and Viktor seemed to deteriorate. I felt cheated, the ending was anti-climactic. I want a season 2 because I want to see what happens... but I feel like someone stabbed me in the hear... Yuri!!! on Ic is an abusive relationship that I want no part in... Although if it starred Yuri P. then maybe I'd reconsider.

Okay I lied, another gripe that I have with the series if that it bats around the bush too much. The fact that Yuri never outright says that he loves Viktor, or that he even goes out of his way to say that they aren't like that, it pisses me off. I understand the kiss happened, and stuff, but! I still don't know if Viktor is just Yuri's muse, if it's more of an idolization type of love, or admiration. I can hear people telling me they're subtly romantic, it's obvious! But is it? Is it really? I understand Yuri's meek, and he has self doubt. Also those thank you rings on the right hand ... I'm not sure if this is an engagement or not (Russia right hand, while in Japan it's on the left), you'd expect it to be on the left hand considering it is being animated in Japan... I know the fandom says their engaged.

So can I just say that Yuri P. has a Howl's Moving Castle/Clamp kind of animation to him. Just GORGEOUS! He's honestly my favourite character from this entire anime. I want him to have more screen time!

I was so excited for god sake! I had History Maker on my cellphone. I'd tune in each week... Just to have a cold-ish interaction between Yuri and Viktor for the last few episodes. Let's face it! No one's here for the skating! I care about the art that goes into the good skating scenes, but I do not care for the sport. Because the anime doesn't make me want to care! I just wanted to see a little romance between Viktor and Yuri.. and I really just got blue balled...

Also JJ is a dick! But he's parents are the embodiment of Canadians (for that one scene). I was cheering those parents on, for their support for their A-hole of a son. Also I loved seeing his backstory albeit short, seeing how set he was to skate to HIS style, no matter how many people said he couldn't make it... but alas do to plot armor he could never win, after all it is Yuri on Ice!

In the words of a wise Yuri Katsuki "Let's end this Viktor.".

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