Thursday, 12 January 2017

Izetta: The Last Witch

December 6th, 2017

Izetta: The Last Witch? More like Yuri: The Last Witch! Get it! Their totes gay for each other! Okay... enough of that.

Who would have thought a pre-world war mixed with a witch or two would make for such a good show! I cried, I smiled, I slightly got more intrigued to watch war ad political anime. The last episode had so many surprises, loved it!

In all seriousness the progression of Finé and Izetta's relation (albeit, it was strong at the get go), had a fluidity that didn't force itself onto you. The loyalty and understanding between the two was unparalleled, whether you're on the their just friends, intimate, or a king and her vassal. The ship is strong with these two!

As much as I love Finé and Izetta, my OTP is Bianca and Rickert. While scanning through episodes for my picture of choice... I came across A Cruel Fairy Tale episode, and cried my eyes out just seeing Bianca... How bitter sweet... I want more.

I definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoyed Maoyu.


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