Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Death Parade

Reincarnation or the void, that's what it ultimately comes down to when your life is on the line. 

Only when two lives abruptly end at the same time, do they get 'invited' to the Quindecim.

Quindecim pronounced, Quinn-deck-um 

In Death Parade patrons come to play a game, where their only wager is their life. With no memories of how they got there or who they are, the only answers they will get is if they play. Reluctantly they spin the roulette, to find out what game will be their saving grace, or ultimate downfall. They shall step into the elevator only to be eternally lost in the void, or reborn anew.

Arbiters like Decim are there to test guests and ultimately pass judgement, but humans don't easily fall into a mold. Is this method optimum or flawed, perhaps no one will know.

On episode four we get introduced to Misaki an television actress and mother of five, and also introduced to Yousuke an otaku of sorts. Where they are pushed to show their true self and ultimately judged by the arbiter.

With their life on the line they spin the roulette, ping.ping.ping... Arcade Game! With their game chosen how will they fair? Will it end with a friendly match, or death?

Death Parade mainly centers inside of Quindecim, which would get stale real fast. Fortunately with the wide array of guests and arbiters, it keeps itself fresh enough to keep you intrigued. The way people act when they are faced with their own mortality is always intriguing, it's fun to see that not all people react the same when terrified. The aesthetic of this show is beautifully detailed and vibrant, while still staying somber. 

I'm always excited to see what game will be used to judge next, what connections the guests have in common, what will be the final judgement, who is REALLY the assistant, and that bombing op. I really appreciate the upbeat change that Bradio's Flyers brings to the table, it's refreshing to have after a somber show. Death Parade is a show that I highly recommend watching, I definitely think it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's worth a peak.

I Madame, give Death Parade 4 Squids out of 5.

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